Festive Home Updates

decorating for Christmas is just a must in my house. I love adding lights, baubles, and other decorations. my real Christmas tree might go in later in the month, the rest of the flat is ready. because I love decorating so much, I thought I would share my decorations this year with you. maybe you’ll find some inspiration or it will make you feel festive too. I have had so much fun with it this year and went all out with it. my decor theme is pretty much the same every year. white, red, gold and green. very classic colours but they will work well every year and I will surely use them for years to come.
my living room
my living room is the biggest room and the one that will host my big Christmas tree once its up and I love making it feel very festive too. the first thing I do is changing the pillows on my sofa for some festive ones. one of my favourite places in my flat to decorate is my fake mantlepiece. I added a festive garland with a set of fairy lights as well as some led light decorations and some eucalyptus in vases. despite not really doing stockings, I found such cute ones for only around 1€ and I had to hang them up. I also love baubles just as decorations. I add them into glass vases and display them around my flat.

my bedroom
my bedroom is tiny but I just love how cosy it feels especially since we built our bed to fit in it perfectly and end right at the window. a festive bedding is a must but instead, for going all out with the sheets themselves I went for dark red ones and added festive pillows. the middle one was a tk maxx find and everything else is basically h&m home. so, I really wanted to have another tree this year and I wanted to add it into my bedroom. so I went and got a fake tree from IKEA and I love it so much. I wish I had room for more Christmas trees. I made a little wall hanging myself too by just adding strings with baubles to a stick to avoid a very empty wall.

my kitchen
as I love baking and cooking, I love decorating my kitchen too. I added a wreath to my kitchen door and some festive bunting right as I walk in. the main focus of it is the ceiling decor I did this year. my kitchen is very long which is why I have a long light fixture up. I decided to add decoration to it too and added big velvet baubles and paper stars. I absolutely love how it looks and have no idea why I haven’t done it before. because of my high ceilings, it works very well. with some more baubles and a cookie jar, its perfect.
how do you decorate for Christmas? please let me know.

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