Donnerstag, 22. November 2018

Fashion Gift Guide

there's one kind of gift or in fact, even treat I like to buy for myself and one thing that gets me really really excited and also inspired and its fashion. I know fashion can be quite hard to buy for someone else but it can also make the perfect gift. there's just something special to be about an interesting print, new trends, and beautiful designs. fashion truly is a way to express myself and its so fun too. most people will think about designer handbags and clothing pieces but that doesn't have to be it and for me, it's not in my budget and if it was, I would never ever expect anyone to buy anything that expensive. I would much rather buy it for myself. a beautiful dress from the high street, a lovely piece of jewelry or a very nice pair of shoes would go well under anyone's tree right?

what do you think about fashion as gifts? let me know!



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