Sonntag, 25. November 2018

Countdown to Christmas #2

happy Sunday my loves. I know, it's late and later than I expected but here we are. this week just has been so busy and it literally flew by. it has been non-stop and I'm in serious need for a break. work before Christmas gets insanely busy, I hardly had time to enjoy seeing the Christmas markets and lights all around being installed but since I'm off work from the 17th into the new year, I surely will be able to soak it all in. plus, its actually tradition here that lights stay off until the last Sunday before the first advent. everything will be even more magical from tomorrow on. 

what I did

besides working loads, I also took part in the black Friday sales and managed to get really good deals on a few of my Christmas presents and I also got really good deals on a few items I wanted for a while. although black friday never used to be a massive deal here, people went mental and when I wanted to go shopping on Friday, I only bought a coffee and went home again as it was too busy to cope. I also finished my apartment decoration and I will show you for sure. it might not have been a super busy activity but I had my 5-year high school reunion and it was so fun.

what I want to do next week

I want to take my grandma shopping as she wants to get some new decor items and we also will be baking my grandma's traditional cookies too. I'm also really looking forward to a day trip on Saturday to visit a beautiful Christmas market.

festive treat of the week

starbucks toffee nut latte, it's so good.

festive song of the week

Michael Bublé - its beginning to look a lot like Christmas



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