Sonntag, 18. November 2018

Countdown to Christmas #1

"its beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

is this a Sunday post? could it be? yes, it is. if you have been reading for a while, you will know that I used to do Sunday mood posts, to sum up my week and talk about what I have been up to. I stopped doing them a while back but though I would bring them back for Christmas as a countdown to the big day. they will be up weekly and I will make sure to give an overview of my week, what I have been up to and which festive activities have been on my agenda as well as plans for the upcoming week and I hope you will enjoy them leading up to Christmas.

what I did

this week started with the most festive and fun day. one of my friends and I went Christmas decor shopping and I loved it. I bought so many beautiful things to make my flat look as festive as it can. we were out all day. it was perfect and I also started putting a few things up already. I changed my bedding, put up my fake Christmas tree in the bedroom and started adding festive items into the living room too. besides working, I had to rush home to shoot content as its time for all the gift guides. I hope you will enjoy them when they go up. this Sunday I also baked Christmas cookies for the first time. so festive.

what I want to do next week

I want to schedule two gift guides to go live next week and also finish decorating my flat. I also feel like with all the Black Friday sales coming up I should start with some Christmas shopping and maybe do some shopping for myself as I have my 5-year high school reunion and work Christmas party coming up. I can't wait.

festive treat of the week

my self-made Christmas sugar cookies with colourful sprinkles. so good.

festive song of the week

ariana grande - santa tell me



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