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What I like Wearing when Going Out

let's be real for a minute, I enjoy my home days and feel very good about a Saturday spend at home in my comfies doing absolutely nothing but watching youtube and chilling with my boyfriend and cats but obviously, a night out is necessary too, sometimes. my clubbing days are well and truly over and even though it was the most fun, I don't miss paying to dance or rushing to the club to get free entry. I don't miss feeling sticky and gross after an hour and having to deal with creepy guys. as I lived far from the city centre, it also involved long journeys home and walking from the bus stop barefoot as my feet hurt from dancing in heels all night. I'm quite happy that most of my friend prefer bars and lounges these days. it still involves getting glam and wearing a full face of makeup as well as fun drinks and good chats and that's all I need. with the colder seasons getting closer, a lot of events and parties are getting closer too and instead of opting for an outdoor location when it comes to your leisure time with friends, its time to get back inside. with nights getting colder, I can't just go for a dress anymore. I need to make it home without waking up full of cold the next day. I'm also not one to go for super sexy bodycon style items and thought I would share my idea of the perfect going out outfit and it's basically very simple:

nice top and jeans

sounds simple and it is. it works like a charm and is the best way to transition from work into a night out too when you have little to no time to change when heading out to some well deserved Friday night drinks with your girls and/or boys. yes, a dress is nice and I tend to wear them too but what I feel most comfortable and whats probably just very true to my style. when it comes to jeans, I love skinny high waisted jeans or mom jeans but only paired with a tight and simple top. when I wear jeans, I go all out with my tops. from ruffles to beading to lace, it's all possible and its everything I want. this red lace shirt from h&m is one of my favourites. it's delicate and interesting. the pop of red spices up my very monochrome outfits and it makes me feel so well dressed and feminine too.

it's about you

when it comes to fashion and clothing of all kinds, it should truly be about you. wear what you feel comfortable and good in. there's nothing worse than feeling not confident in your outfit. it means you can't fully enjoy yourself and to me, restrictive dresses are not ideal for me and since I feel like I have mastered the pretty shirt and jeans look in my day to day life, its only right to take it into the night too.

favourite places to shop for my going out shirts:



my outfit

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara

Location: Potsdam, Germany
Photography: Hummingbird Photographs

what is your ideal outfit when it comes to going out? what do you feel best in? please let me know.


this post was kindly sponsored by quiz clothing


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