Bath & Bodyworks Candle Haul

autumn means its time to burn candles all around. I do love my candles every season of the year but I just don’t feel like burning candles when it’s over 30 degrees outside. now, there’s one retailer that everyone swoons over when it comes to seasonal candles and a wave of excitement just hit when it became apparent that they might open stores in the UK. its no other than Bath & Bodyworks. now, they don’t ship to Europe which is why I use a mail forwarding service. it does come with extra costs such as shipping and customs but it still works out to be cheaper than buying imported bbw candles from places such as ebay because they don’t do the deals bbw does on a regular. I purchased mine when they had the 12 $ candle deal going on as well as free shipping. I picked up five new candles and they all smell divine.
so, last year i went for a few sweeter scents and realized that although they smell delicious, they are just a tad too sickly for me. this year I went for more pumpkin and in general scents, I have never had before. first off is the classic autumn scent leaves. the notes are crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm clove spice. its the perfect mix of rich spice and the freshness of apples. it’s just delicious and despite being spicy with a hint of cinnamon without smelling like big red chewing gum which none of the spicy ones I got have. massive plus for me. 
next up is autumn day which might be the best scent in this candle haul. it is autumn in a candle. notes are crisp red apple, green fig, white birch and cedar. it basically smells like walking into the woods on a gloomy morning after it has rained. it’s so fresh but also deep because of the cedar and I absolutely love it. I could burn it all day long. if an autumnal candle is called pumpkin patch, you know I need to have it. it just screams everything autumn stands for and it smells beautiful. its once again quite spicy but it also has the cleanness of pumpkin. the notes are bright orange pumpkin, autumn spice blend and rich molasses.
after seeing it everywhere online, I had to try marshmallow fireside. now, marshmallow sounds very sweet but it’s not. it smells exactly like marshmallows roasting on a fire. its super smokey and I love it as it’s not sickly at all. the notes are toasted marshmallow, smouldering woods, fire roasted vanilla and crystalized amber. last but not least is a candle with the prettiest container. its frosted glass and looks just amazing. it’s white pumpkin. the notes are white pumpkin, autumn spice blend and ground cinnamon and it smells exactly like pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks tastes. weird but very much true and I love it.
have you ever tried candles from bath & bodyworks? what do you think of them? i can only recommend them as they are so richly scented and burn so well too.

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