Adult Friendships & Struggles

I can’t deny it. I’m moving into adult life and I deeply wish I didn’t. it has hit me recently and probably be part of why I have been having a really challenging time this year. I always thought a quarter-life crisis would not exist but now I truly believe in it even though I’m not really at the quarter bit things are definitely changing and its hard on me. there are many things I’m currently thinking about and trying to fix or work through but one main of them is friendships. what would life be without friends and as you get older it gets way harder to maintain them. everyone is getting busier and long gone are the days of spontaneous trips somewhere and it feels like summer is just not the same. it hurts and irritates me. most importantly, it makes me feel insanely lonely and I hope that i’m not the only one feeling this way so in today’s post, let’s chat about adult friendships and struggles.

never matching schedules
when I got back from my holiday I couldn’t wait to see my best friend again and catch up. it turned out that our schedules didn’t match at all so it turned out we couldn’t catch up and haven’t since. even last year, I would have made plans with friends for the day I came back and it would have been a time to catch up and almost celebrate it and we did it for everyone. now, everyone is so busy that plans have to be made in advance and sometimes it feels like I would be better off writing my friends letters instead of waiting for our schedules to match.
it’s harder to maintain
being back in school meant that you saw many of your best friends on a daily. now, we are all off in different directions. whether it’s travelling, working, studying and everything in between, everyone is somewhere else and doing something different which means you have to put in a lot more effort into maintaining a friendship and making sure someone actually is part of my life. with some of my friends, it’s easy to set up dates and even though you haven’t caught up in a while, its all great but with some you have a hard time maintaining and eventually, you drift apart.

real ones will be there
I wouldn’t consider myself a social butterfly but my friend group is definitely a lot smaller than it used to be. even though I’m for quality or quantity when it comes to friends any day, it feels weird that I had to let go of people who once were so dear to me. sometimes it’s not even for a bad reason, its just because you drifted apart which makes it even sadder. its just good to know that real friends will be there and to me, one best friend who you can count on is better than 10 who won’t be there to support you when you are feeling low and is clapping in the front row when you achieve something.

new adventures to look forward to
when I was in my teens and all my friends basically were at my school, adventures and friendship activities mainly were going out, chatting about boys and in general having a good time as well as being an ultimate girl power group when it came to first heartbreaks and overcoming challenges. even though the early and mid-twenties feel like such a weird time of constant change and worry, there are so many new adventures to look forward to. engagements, marriages, careers and everything else and also, parties still happen too.

my outfit
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what do you think about adult friendships and have you noted changes yourself? let me know.


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