Things I do to take care of myself

Self-care is a topic which really came into focus over the past years and I couldn’t be happier that it is, in fact, a topic people openly discuss and practice. Taking care of your mental and physical health in order to keep everything of you happy and healthy and making sure you can tackle every possible challenge with knowing that you are in tune with yourself and that’s it is not only right but necessary to take breaks even if they are just little 5 minute breaks to focus on nothing but yourself. Even when self-care wasn’t openly discussed, I noticed that I needed little routines to make sure my mental health wouldn’t slip. I easily stress and worry and find myself anxious sometimes too. After years of figuring out what exactly it is that makes me feel I’m taking care of myself I felt like it would be a good thing to talk about those little breaks with you.

a cup of tea
my days can get really busy and between work and running my social media, spending time with my boyfriend and family, see my friends and keep up my social life and make sure my flat looks pleasant and both of us have enough smart shirts cleaned and ironed for work the next day, I like to just take a few minutes and enjoy my cup of tea just by myself. no phone beside me and no screen in front of me. it just clears my head and makes me refocus on what in front of me. I think it’s important to try and have a few minutes off screen and just get yourself into perspective. I also try and have any type of food off screen and not whilst editing photos or answering e-mails and it truly keeps me sane.
riding my bike home
recently, I have been riding my bike to and from work and it has made such a change. I like that it gets my heart rate up and that it totally clears my mind. I usually struggle with arriving home mentally after work. I almost feel like my brain is in a fog and it takes me quite a while until I can truly relax and enjoy my off time. riding my bike home has made such a difference in that. by the time I’m home, I’m truly home. I can focus on time with my boyfriend and friends and can be creative. 

allowing myself to stay at home
I love my home, I always have but we all get pressured sometimes to leave it when really you would just prefer to just snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine and some Netflix too. obviously, I love seeing my friends and going out but sometimes it’s not what I need or should do to take care of myself and recharge. after all the years I learned that I can only truly recharge and practice my self-care when I have lone time. just an evening by myself will do wonders after a hard week which is why I sometimes have to opt out of social situations.

spending time at my parent’s house
there always be something so soothing and calming about my parent’s house. maybe because it means instant safety and comfort to me. its the way it smells, it’s sitting out in the garden with one of the cats on my lap and having my parents close. because my family is so close I’m at my parent’s house on a very regular basis and there’s nothing better sometimes. it’s not that I need to do much when I’m down there, it’s just enjoying the comfort of my childhood home.

my outfit
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Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Sostrene Grene
Beret: H&M

is there anything you love doing to take care of youself? what recharges you and keeps you sane and healthy? please let me know.

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