Goals for the Second Half of the Year

I’m surely not the only one who feels like 2018 is speeding by with no chance to take a break and breathe. so many beautiful and amazing things have happened so far and I can well and truly say, it has been a great year so far. especially in terms of overcoming difficulties and finding my way back to myself, my true values and passions and what it is that I want to do with this life. this might not be a 2018 roundup yet but I can’t wait to look back at this time in its fullest and hopefully, more good things will unfold and I will find my way again. now that I’m back from my summer holiday its time for me to get back into gear and reset myself and my goals. my favourite time of the year is ahead of me and there so much I want to accomplish before and even during. so in today post, I will share some of my goals for the second half of 2018 with you.

save up
I have never been the best with my budget but over the years I have become so much better at managing my finances. the second half of the year tends to be more expensive for me and I just can’t enjoy it if I don’t have the funds I want to have. now that I’m back from holiday, its time to truly save up and put myself on a bit of a spending ban an I’m actually excited. knowing I have enough money in my account to enjoy myself makes me feel so much happier so let’s see how good I can do on a spending ban.
get back to enjoying my time alone
I would always describe myself as someone who enjoys time alone. just me and my laptop and I’m good. as I started my day today, I realized that I haven’t been all by myself for quite a while. before I left for my two week holiday I was with my boyfriend every day but he’s back to work now and I’m too and that means a lot more time by myself and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard right now. I never thought I had to learn to be happy with my time alone again but I know I can do it.

when I was still in school, I used to go to yoga classes twice a day and I loved it but for the past years I haven’t practised it too much and I have to say I dearly miss it. starting off the day with yoga makes me feel so much better and I will make it one of my priorities to do just that at least once a week aside from my regular gym workouts. yoga is not only benefitting for your body but also for your soul and it makes me feel so much more aware of myself and that’s truly beautiful feeling.
 enjoying it all
I’m sure the rest of the year will fly by too and it will be December in no time so I want to try my best to enjoy every day and my time as best as I can. I tend to wish days away and rather think about the future and the past than living in the moment and I obviously want to share that all with you so we can enjoy it together.

my outfit
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Dress: Bershka
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Quay
Shoes: H&M

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden


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