Sunday Mood #106

you know when you have so many ideas and blog posts in your mind but when you sit down to write them, the words just won’t form. you can’t find a way to start and all the ideas that once seemed brilliant are now questioned. that exactly how i felt the past week hence why there was only one post. very frustrating. despite feeling absolutely pumped for life and about whats ahead of me, I had a little bloggers block. probably nothing unusual and I know I can and will work my way out of it. I might not be the best writer today but blog photo shooting has been done so don’t you worry, it will all be published at some point.
what I did
after being poorly the past week has been beautiful. I felt so motivated and pumped for everything to come. I planned ahead with my vacation coming up and all in all, had a beautiful week. I started figuring out what changed need to be done to the flat and it felt so good. after feeling quite anti-social the past weeks, I made time to see my friends and my best friend and I went to a beautiful plant store to buy new houseplants to add to our homes and it was so much fun.
what I didn’t do
lately, it has been quite hard for me to motivate myself to go to the gym. whenever it’s very hot I just don’t want to be in a sweaty gym but I need to get my ass into gear and find my love for the gym again.

what I ate
ever since I went fruit picking myself, my menu has been heavily influenced by fruit and the jam I cooked myself and it’s so good. I really want to go fruit picking again.
what I want to do next week
I have work and a few important meetings coming up but I also want to make sure I spend my time off working on my blog and channel. its also my sisters birthday coming up and I can’t wait to celebrate with her.
one word to describe the past week

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