Sunday Mood #105

oh, the busy days and weeks. you have no idea how happy I am that I managed to schedule blog posts to go up because otherwise there wouldn’t have been posts at all. my boss went on holiday which means I had to take on loads more work as I’m one of the very few who can take over his tasks and I’m exhausted. two weeks packed full back to back and obviously, I’m used to working but not to such a heavy workloads but we made it. I’m now looking forward to some me time and time to work on my content again if the heat lets me. a proper heat wave hit us and I can’t cope with it. its just boiling and humid and even after last nights thunderstorm, it has barely cooled down. I’m fine with temperatures up to 25 degrees but everything above is too much and 33 degrees certainly is.

what I did

basically, I was working all day, every day. I also tried to make sure my flat doesn’t look like a tip which I successfully managed. other than work and spending my evenings cuddled up on the sofa with my boyfriend and cats. due to a few family trips, my weekends were packed with activities too. my parents are currently in Oxford and I happily agreed to take care of their dog in exchange for some malteaser teasers and even though a dog is so much more work than just cats, it has been so lovely so far.
what I didn’t do
well, I actually haven’t seen my friends in a while. might sound sad to some but I haven’t had time and I don’t enjoy rushing around after work and would much rather be with my boyfriend or family or just spend time by myself.
what I ate
I have been really good with my healthy food and that really comforts me when I’m busy. I recently have become obsessed with healthy bars and my favourite right now is the raw bite bar. they are so good and just what I need sometimes.

what I want to do next week
next week will be way more relaxing and I can finally focus on creating more content. I have a few locations in mind and I want to capture summer as good as I can. it will be very warm and sunny again so I hope I can create cone good golden hour shots.
one word to describe the past week

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