My Summer Plans

june can be a magical month. it always reminds me of the last weeks of school and summer being here. it gets me excited about all the plans I have made which I want to fulfill on my weeks off. it also reminds me of stressing out about finals and projects that are due and usually flies by because of that. last year, I was stressed out preparing for my final exams of law school and I hardly had time to plan my summer. all I focused on was preparing for the exams and presentations and not freaking out whilst doing so. this year has been a lot calmer and it’s just what I need. it gave me the chance to truly breathe in every season and every new month. it gave me chance to make plans and tick off things from my bucket list that I wanted to do for years. I guess summer reminds us all of packing up for holiday, lying by the lake and getting a good sunburn or spending endless warm nights out with friends. summer will always remind me of freedom so let’s talk about the plans I made for this summer.

Sweden & Denmark
our annual summer holiday is coming up and I can’t wait. we usually plan our trips months ahead and the closer it gets, the more excited I get. Sweden & Denmark are places I have been to many times but it never gets dull. there’s always more to explore and more to do but with a very familiar feeling and that exactly what I want and need. we initially planned our trip around the Ed Sheeran concert in Gothenburg and decided to stay up there for a week. I love the area so much and I hope I can create some amazing content whilst being there. because two weeks are better than one, we decided to stay a week close to Copenhagen right by the beach. I have only been to Copenhagen once and I can’t wait to explore it even more.
Go on Adventures
my boyfriend has a chunk of time off work as he’s starting somewhere new mid-july which means we have lots of time to spend together and truly enjoy this summer. we have been talking about places we want to visit and road trips we want to take. its just about figuring out when and where. we are trying to be a bit savvy with our trips right now because we are flying out to new york for a wedding next spring and we both want to have a healthy budget for that trip so everything around us we can reach by car will be perfect.

celebrating my sisters birthday
my sister is a summer baby and this year is a very special birthday as she’s turning 18. I truly can’t believe it. maybe its because we have an age gap of 6 years but I sometimes forget that she’s a young lady now and not my tiny little baby sister with curly blond hair anymore. we have been planning her birthday party and I’m sure she’s super excited. the family will get together and just celebrate her and I’m sure my mum will be a bit emotional as her youngest is now an adult by age and maybe she will be a bit worried as she then can drive by herself and that thought could be a bit scary.
declutter my flat and add new pieces
I absolutely love my flat and what i love most is that I can always improve the space and that’s what I want to focus on more. i have to start by decluttering my space and just make sure everything has its place before I want to add some items to the living room and kitchen and just the overall place. its nothing major other than my wish to add a new backsplash and maybe worktop to the kitchen but most of it is decorative and I can’t wait. my goal is to finish those little projects before autumn and winter as I want it to be perfect for the cozy seasons and I just want to add seasonal decor when it comes to that.

my outfit
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Dress: Vero Moda
Hat: TKMaxx

Location: Brieselang, Germany

what are your plans for this summer? do you have anything exciting planned? please let me know.

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