Little Changes I make for a more sustainable Lifestyle

Long gone are the times were plastic bags in stores are a regular thing and glass or metal straws are a staple not only Instagram worthy households. Due to being raised by what I lovingly call an organic mum, I was always more conscious of my consuming habits, of how I shop and where my food comes from. I was raised with organic and seasonal produce, did not eat McDonald’s once in my childhood and ready meals were not seen in our house at all. instead, my mum was part of what was called a food coop. Organic produce was not widely available in every store and when you had special requirements such as organic baby food, it was simply not affordable. My parents and a few friends grouped together and ordered organic products straight from the supplier and spread them within the community. What seems like a hippy daydream, was a very beautiful reality. I still remember the smell of all seasonal and organic fruit and veg which was loaded into someones remodeled garage and my mum sorting it away into everyone’s order. Obviously, there was a phase in my life when I got upset about not having sugary chocolate bars in my lunchbox and there were many McDonalds visits in my teens but ultimately, trying to live sustainable consuming organic and seasonal produce almost runs in my genes and I’m really thankful to my parents that they raised me that way. Over the years, I’ve tried to make small changes in my life which would ultimately mean a more sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve a world that is livable for generations to come.

Bring your own bag

As simple as that sounds but always buying or asking for a plastic bag when you buy food or go shopping is a really wasteful behavior. It might look prettier and when its a paper bag I don’t feel as bad but it is actively creating waste. So please do the planet your living on a favor and bring your own bags. I use big Ikea bags for food shopping and small cotton tote bags or even the very on trend net bags on the go and it will make a difference. I always have a bag in my handbags and one in my car just in case I need one and let’s be honest, a big Ikea bag fits loads more grocery bags than a flimsy little plastic bag, it won’t rip and it a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Watch your animal product intake

I’m not vegan myself but I support everyone who is and everyone who decides to learn about where their food comes from. sadly, consuming animal products in today’s society is not exactly sustainable which is why I actively decided to make changes when it comes to what and how I eat. Meats is a luxury product and since I’m not the biggest meat eater, it wasn’t hard for me to cut down on that. If I do eat it, I make sure its organic and if I can I buy from local farms. It’s pricey but because I class meat as a luxury item that’s fine with me. I’m currently working on cutting cows milk and other milk products out of my diet and finding better alternatives to it.

Eat and shop locally and seasonally

How can one believe that its normal to consume strawberries in December when you live in northern Europe? Its possible in today’s society but it’s not sustainable. Whilst strawberry season typically starts in June, the ones you can buy in December will have traveled miles to you and most likely won’t taste as good. I personally like to shop for fresh produce which is in season and if I can, I will buy locally too. Its very easy to educate yourself on seasonal fruit and veg and sticking to the seasons actually can be very fun. I went fruit picking at a local farm recently and not only was everything super fresh and delicious, it also was a great day spent with my family and we even cooked our own jam so we can enjoy a taste of summer fruits in winter too.

Tailor it to you

Making changes to the way you live can be serious work and it will take time to find the perfect balance for yours. Not everything works for everyone. I don’t know if I could go fully vegan but its all about trying, educating yourself and ultimately caring about what is going on in your environment. Even little steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle will help ultimately and I find it to be quite a rewarding experience too. Just figure out what will work for you.

my outfit
Dress: PrettyLittleThing
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Dille & Kamille
do you have any changes that made your life more sustainable? please share them in the comment section.

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