Lessons I’m still learning

I love learning. I really do. I love wrapping my mind around something unknown and letting it brew for days in my brain and at the end figuring it out and truly understanding it which always comes with the sense of achievement and almost wanting to give yourself a little pad on the shoulder. there’s nothing more satisfying than learning a new skill and putting it to use for the first time or starting to see improvements but life doesn’t only come with skills you choose to learn or studying something you love, it comes with lessons to learn. some are harder, some are easier and ideally, you improve your overall outlook on life with them. I must say, in my years of living, I have learned many lessons and there are some I’m still learning and those are the ones I want to talk about today.
1. saying no
this might be a very popular lesson to learn but its a serious one for me. I’m really easily pressured into things I don’t want to do and would rather put everyone else’s idea or plan before my own even if it makes me super uncomfortable and upset. especially with people I really like, it’s really hard to say no and just do what I feel most comfortable with. I thought I have gotten much better with it but after a little situation a few weeks ago where I was pressured into saying yes to something, I knew I haven’t learned that lesson yet. saying no is still hard for me.

2. life is not a constant identity crisis
I’m very hard on myself and have always been. I can easily pressure myself and get very upset when I feel like I’m failing especially when it comes to my career and education. it makes me feel like I’m not good enough or that I won’t be where I want to be. I also question every move I make and that makes for the perfect identity crisis. it’s hard for me to let go and just let things be or develop as they should. its probably the hardest lesson for me and I don’t know if I will ever master it truly but for my peace, I will have to learn to not create the feeling of a constant crisis.

3. its okay to need lone time
some people thrive and renew their energy from being in a social situation which is absolutely fine but I’m not one of those. in order to feel motivated and energized again and in fact, I’m most productive and relaxed when I’m by myself. as much as I love being with my friends, I need my me-time and even though I know its okay to allow myself that, I feel bad when I say no to going out or I don’t want to be surrounded by many people as I almost feel like it drains me. what makes me feel even worse is that there are still some people who don’t understand where I’m coming from which makes this lesson very hard to learn for me.
4. not every person is good for you
I have been very lucky in my life to be surrounded by loving, kind and generally very good people. I like taking care of my friendships and investing in people which makes so hard when one person turns out to just not be good for you. I like giving more chances than one might deserve even if I know someone is dragging me down or is just not good for me. it happened to me many times in my life and leaves me feeling very uneasy and upset.

my outfit
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are there lessons you still have to learn which may be hard for you? please let me know and let’s learn them together.

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