How I work through hard times

I know it can be frustrating but life is not always a smooth sail. saying that, my life generally has been quite a good ride so far but I have been dealing with some rough seas over the past years, trying to make it out without too much damage is a struggle. maybe it is because my life has been fairly smooth and its time to learn a lesson or reevaluate what I want to achieve in life. sailing through rough seas like that is challenging and tiring but there’s is no going back. its when life forces you to think hard and work through it to get out to a beautiful and calm sea with a dreamy sunset. because there are a few things I have t work through at the moment, I thought I would share with you how exactly I do it or try to do it. I’m not yet out of stormy waters but I can see it getting better.

talk it out and talk it through
I usually keep most things to myself and like to navigate myself through hard times on my own but that’s not really the best option. you can’t work through everything yourself and your loved ones should be able to understand what bothers you. I have talked through my problem multiple times with my family and friends which usually makes me cry because I cry a lot when I get upset but I couldn’t do it any other way. sometimes you just need a support system around you and it needs to know what you are going through and try to understand your emotions.
try and get a clear view
when things come crashing down and the road gets tough and rocky, it almost seems like you can’t get a clear view and it might take some time until you can. try and look at the problem from a distant view, try to take some time off and rethink what it actually is. it might take some time to be able to get a clear view and even clear thought but it will be worth it. I find I can only start working properly through hard times when I was able to clear my thoughts.

put it into perspective
I tend to get pretty dramatic and really, really upset about tiny little bumps on road and things which can be figured out. it takes me some time to really put my problems into perspective and figure out what it actually means and most of the time it’s not as dramatic as it seems. it can be bad but usually, it’s not the end of the world. it can take me some time to put things into perspective and it sometimes needs help from everyone around me but it surely has to be done in order to work through it.
feel your emotions
its important to be happy but sometimes you can’t and that’s okay. feel your emotions and let it happen. its okay feel disappointed, sad or upset and its okay to cry sometimes. you can’t force yourself to never be sad because life is sad and frustrating sometimes and actually, a good cry is necessary sometimes. don’t be scared to show your emotions and feel your feelings.

my outfit
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we all hard to work through tough times before and most of the time it made us stronger. its hard work but will be so rewarding after. how do you work through hard times? I would love to know.

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