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The Fragrance I have always been looking for

there's nothing like a good fragrance. it can set your mood for the whole day, it's the last step to finish off your look and gets you ready for a day ahead. it can make you feel more confident, more sexy, more feminine and ultimately more you. there are certain scents I associate with friends and I wouldn't buy for me despite loving them but just because there is that one person very dear to my heart whose loving hugs smell like that very perfume and I couldn't make it scent my own. sometimes you smell perfumes you haven't worn in years or clear out your stash just to find the first big girl perfume you bought or got gifted and that very scent brings back so many memories. some of them might be good and leave you smiling with that little feeling of nostalgia, some might bring back a memory of dark times which you overcame and can now look back at something that made you even stronger.

I love getting new fragrances and adding them to my collection and actually, I like getting them gifted too. over the years, I truly found my style in scents and notes I love. too floral and sweet is not what I fancy. instead, I like vanilla, woody, and earthy tones as well as spice and despite being able to add lovely fragrances to my collection I always felt like there was one thing missing. there hasn't been the perfect fragrance, the one that combines everything I love and want to use every single day until I went into diptyque in Notting Hill and picked up the fragrance I have always been looking for.

dipytque Eau duelle is a bloggers favourite and surely a classic amongst the diptyque range. I heard people rave about it and describe it and I always knew I would love it. after smelling it at Nice airport I got obsessed with it and when I saw the diptyque store in Notting Hill I had to go in and treat myself to a beautifully packaged and quite pricey fragrance which was so beautifully wrapped in tissue by the lady working there. ever since I splurged on it, it has been everything I ever want to smell and want to smell like. there's something so unique about it.

"An ode to travel and vanilla. Promises of dreams and faraway horizons, Eau Duelle takes the original vanilla bean for a voyage along the spice route. With legendary stops in Goa, Carthage, Venice, and Babylon, its perfume takes on new dimensions: the luminous, addictive accents of calamus contrast with the dark, smoky nuances of cypriol. Traveling through time and over borders, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar reveals itself here between darkness and light."

the description on the diptyque website is probably the best way to describe the scent and what it's all about. it is darkness and light. it's a sunny day out with friends, a day at work or a special date night. it is vanilla but not just. it's deeper but also not too heavy. its perfect and what just adds to it is the beautiful bottle it comes in. there's just something so beautiful and luxe in a simple way about diptyque products and if I could, I would fill my whole house with their candles and scents.

my outfit

shirt: ASOA
jeans: Primark
shoes: Zara
Bag: Topshop
Sunglasses: Quay

Location: West Kensington, London

do you have a fragrance you can't get enough of? what is it? please let me know.



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