A Very Lavender Lush Haul

there are some things in life that are just so hard to resist. it can be the last piece of cake waiting in the kitchen or a spontaneous glass of wine with your best friend. there also might be stores that you can’t resist. maybe its TKmaxx or Zara but for me, it has to be lush. whenever I see one, I will have to go in. baths just mean ultimate relaxation to me and a well deserved zen time when the days just get too hectic and too full on. so today I was out waiting for my boyfriend to finish a very important meeting and I went into lush. I did not only go in, I left with a bag full of goodies which are all very lavender based. nothing relaxed me more and makes me sleep better than a lavender-infused bath so it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of my favourite lush products are contain lavender and smell like it. like a French countryside dream. 
south of France dreams
the first thing I popped into the little lush wicker basket was a big tub of sleepy body lotion. it’s just so dreamy and soothing. not only is it so moisturizing and lovely on my skin. the mix of an oat infusion, lavender flowers and tonka beans just smells like heaven to me. it just is a pamper night in a tub. another lavender themed item is a limited edition bubble bar and its the baa bar. a little lavender scented sheep. it was part of the mothers day collection and when I first used it I got obsessed with it. it’s basically sleepy in bubble bar form and it fills the tub with heaps of bubbles and turns the water into a soft lilac colour. it so calming and provides for the best night of sleep. there luckily is a lavender bubble bar in permanently and it’s my fave. its a french kiss. lushs website describes it as a blissful bedtime and that’s exactly what it is. its more herbal than sleepy since it contains rosemary and thyme oil so basically its the south of France in a bubble bar which after visiting myself, is a dream come true. 
lush is probably known for its bright and glittery bath products but as this haul shows you, my favourites are always the very basic products and one of the bath bombs that looks so plain but is just so good for the skin is butterball. if I’m in need of a very big pamper session I will use a bubble bar and a butterball in one bath. scent wise it’s probably my favourite. the rich and creamy cocoa butter scent makes it so relaxing and my skin feels super soft after. another firm favourite is the comforter bubble bar. its huge and I can get about four baths out of it. usually, I don’t like black current smells of flavours but this just has such a deep non-artifcial fruity scent and to me, it’s very relaxing and the bubbles it creates are the best.

so here we are with a very lavender lush haul which I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy it and what are your favourite lush products?


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