4 Good Things this Spring

I can’t deny it. spring is on its way out. it’s sad but true. gone are the days of hunting blooming cherry and apple trees just to fit in with all the girls on Instagram. the excitement about the first warm day and tender and green leaves making their way back has now become suffering from hay fever. summer is not a bad thing. it tastes of holiday and smells like sun cream. I’m already planning a summer picnic which I mentioned in my summer bucket list post. I just can’t wait for a warm summers evening, surrounded by fields, with a cold drink in my hands and some lovely friends around me. yes, I hope summer will be great and full of memories to look back on when it’s cold and rainy but let’s look back at spring and five good things that happened.
1. south of France
winter can really be long here in Germany and the greyness just doesn’t seem to leave for too long which is why my family started planning a week away just when spring is about to arrive to get out of the grey and have some relaxing days in the sun in southern Europe. I was so excited to leave my coat at home and pack some little blouses and sandals. we based our stay in nice and explored the area around too. Nice is such a beautiful and colourful place. from markets to wine bars to endless strolls on the promenade. a warm day after a long winter is just good for the soul especially when you can spend a sunny day by a sea so blue that it almost looks unreal.
2. finding blooms
I always loved finding blooming trees and bushes and photographing them but since my love and passion for this blog and my Instagram grew even stronger this year, I just couldn’t miss out on what makes spring one of my favourite seasons. whenever we were free, we went out to find the prettiest spots and biggest flowers from alleys of trees, to the biggest cherry tree I ever saw to lilac bushes cascading with flowers. not only was it good for my content online but also great fun and a perfect way to truly enjoy the season.

3. celebrating my birthday 
one of the reasons why I love spring so much might be my birthday. being able to celebrate when everything is so colourful just adds to the magic of spring. a few years ago, i wouldn’t want to do much celebrating when it came to my birthday as I felt I needed to hire a big venue or go to a bar and invite tons of people I don’t actually want to have around on my special day until I realized I can just do it my way. now, I like to invite my closest friends to my flat and prepare sweet and savory food myself. it just makes for the best and most relaxing day. the older you get, the harder it gets to get all your friends together as everyone’s life is so busy which makes it even more special.
4. feeling confident
summer used to cause stress to me as I just struggled with my confidence and the general relationship with my body wasn’t the healthiest. it was almost exactly a year ago when I decided to work on that for good and in order to feel good about myself, I needed to shift the amount of weight I have put on in a healthy and responsible way. I changed my eating habits and started creating a work out routine I love and it has worked and most importantly, it has changed how I see myself beyond my expectation. I feel so confident and happy within myself. the thought of wearing dresses or shorts used to freak me out and I wouldn’t even think about putting a bathing suit on and now I actually can’t wait. this journey was tough and I’m surely not done but it has been one of the best decisions I could make for myself. if you want to know more about my journey. please let me know.
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Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Primark
there were many other great things to this spring and it truly has been a great time. how was your spring? please let me know.

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