Sunday Mood #102

phew, what a week it has been. the busiest work wise but so productive at the same time. I’m also writing this post on my brand new MacBook Pro. after breaking mine almost exactly one year ago, I finally managed to buy another of the probably most expensive laptops but oh boy, they are worth it and I feel like I will be most productive with it and I’m truly feeling like a proper blogger again. I need to spend my mornings in hip cafés now, typing away on my shiny new laptop and it gave me a real boost to create the best content. I truly found my love for blogging and Instagram this year and its the best feeling ever. I hope I can keep the inspiration up but looking at all the posts I have already lined up, it seems like its all going well.
what I did
basically, I was working all week. every day. it was so much to do and I was working away like a little busy bee and tried to be on top of my blog after and it was a struggle but I made it. luckily, I scheduled posts and tried to be as involved as I can. also, my MacBook arrived on Tuesday, right before I had to leave for work and finally being able to use it is such a blessing. I love it. despite working all week, we managed to squeeze in a bit of blog photo shooting. we went to the prettiest cherry trees we found tucked away very close to our flat and it was like a fairytale. huge pink clouds of flowers and the floor was covered in pink petals. the dreamiest thing I have ever seen.
what I didn’t do
I didn’t go to the gym once…really bad. I missed it so much but I was just too busy and I hope I can get back into my routine asap.
what I ate
being back to fully healthy eating means finding delicious snacks to make sure my sweet tooth gets fed. I found the best coconut and dark chocolate bars. they are organic and are the tastiest thing ever. bounty is cancelled.
what I want to do next week
I’m finally off to London on Tuesday and I can’t wait. I’m going with my best friend and I’m just so excited to be back in my fave city again. if I could, I would move there. my heart feels so at home in London, it’s unreal.
one word to describe the past week

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