Sunday Mood #101

what a happy and very sunny Sunday it is. since it has been this warm and lovely it doesn’t really feel like April at all, just the blooming trees remind me that it actually is my favourite time of the year. I wish trees would bloom all year around. because I love spring so much, the last week I have tried my best to find the prettiest trees and take pictures with them. I’m quite lucky to have many of them close to me and every photo we shot has been just extra special and beautiful because of the beautiful surroundings. mission cherry trees is still going but I will make time to find some and use them in my photography next week. so I hope you are not bored of very flower heavy photography.
what I did
the past week has just been calm and beautiful. I was off work, so was my boyfriend and we had the whole week to us. we went out multiple times to shoot for the blog and just enjoyed the sun because the whole week has been beautiful. I also started to prepare my birthday party which took place on Saturday. I went decor shopping and made sure everything would look perfect for the party and it truly was a beautiful one. I had all my friends round, we had food and cakes and chatted for hours and I loved every second of it. I also enjoyed spending time with my family and my boyfriend and I decided to take my parents dog with us for a sleepover.
what I didn’t do
I only managed to go to the gym once and I really miss going. I just love working out so I need to make more time next week, especially since I have been seeing serious changes in my body and it motivates me so much.

what I ate
birthday cake. I made a delicious chocolate and strawberry one with the help of Jamie Oliver and his videos and it was so yummy. birthday cake just is the best.
what I want to do next week
next week will be work heavy. I only have one day off and I might even spend that at my mum’s office but it will be all good. a work-heavy week means I feel like I truly deserve my week in London as I’m flying out on may 1st. 
one word to describe the past week

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