Sunday Mood #100

oh what a Sunday, what a Sunday mood. not only is it the 100th time I sat down to write this post which just is a bit crazy to me, its also my birthday and I’m so happy. I’m 24 today…how did that happen? I have to say 24 sounds pretty good to me and I hope this new year will only hold the best for me. so today is the day to celebrate. I have the typical blogger foil balloons and my boyfriend surprised me with the biggest bunch of roses. 24 huge roses and it’s just so sweet and I couldn’t be happier. my family will be coming over to have cake and coffee with me and it will be the best day. it’s also warm and sunny which rarely happens. so I might eve wear a summer dress and make the most of it. 
what I did
I had a very, very lovely and relaxing week. it has been so warm and sunny so most of the days have been spent on my balcony. I started planting new flowers and just enjoy spring being here. I love just taking it easy on my days when I don’t have to work and just spending it with my boyfriend, family and cats. theres nothing better. I have to say I feel quite uninspired with youtube lately but I hope I can solve that soon and just find myself on that platform. I also went back to my healthy eating and went to the gym and had such good workouts. it just felt so soooo good.
what I didn’t do
as I said, I have been feeling so uninspired with youtube and have no idea what I want to do with it right now. I would love to vlog more but I have no idea if that would be something you guys would like to see. please let me know.
what I ate
well, technically I haven’t eaten it yet but I know it will be my fave and its birthday cake. it’s waiting in the fridge to be eaten later.
what I want to do next week
I will have my birthday celebrations with my friends on Saturday and I have loads to prepare for that. I want to do some decor shopping before and just have the best day with my friends. I’m off work the whole week so I’ll have loads of time to prepare it and just relax.
one word to describe the past week

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