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oh how much I love lush. the obsession just is real but the thought of not adding something to create bubbles, colour, glitter and just an experience to a bath doesn’t fit in with my idea of a pamper. I seem to always find my way back into lush and my friends and family know about my obsession which is why they keep on gifting me lush items. I’m in no way complaining. since a little pile of lush had built up over the past few weeks, its only right to share all the new additions to my bath with you.

the lush mothers day range is out right now in Germany as mothers day is in may here and I just had to get some of them after I’ve seen them on so many blogs. in this year’s mothers day range they have done a product marble bubbleroon and they are beautiful. basically, they are like the usual bubbleroons but with a gorgeous marble top. honestly, I’m obsessed with the way they look and I hope they will do different versions of them. the first one is purple drain. the deep purple colour and almost galaxy looking top will hopefully give me the most dreamy bath. it contains peppermint oil, black pepper, shea butter and clove oil. a very spicy but soft scent. we also have mother of pearl. it’s a blue bubbleroon and the top really reminds me of a sunset. its a floral scent with jasmine oil, mimosa and orange flower, as well as shea butter. the last one is citrus is doing it for themselves. matching its bright red colour, it contains grapefruit and lemon oil. I also got the very American looking madame president bath bomb. it contains grapefruit oil and surely will make my bath look amazing. my favourite scents when it comes to bath time are lavender and tonka which is why I had to have the baa bar and obviously, it looks adorable.
for my birthday I received two gift sets. one from my sister and its the buttercup one. its so cute and contains cheer up buttercup, one of my favourite and really uplifting bath bombs, and honey, I washed the kids soap. one of my best friends got me the blooming beautiful gift set and it truly is beautiful. the floral box contains rose jam, sakura and sex bomb bath bomb. three of the best bath products lush does.
so here we have everything new in from lush. whats your lush favourite? let me know.

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