Sunday Mood #98

how good is it to be on holiday? its the most beautiful sunshine and I’m sat right by the windows of our apartment in nice, overlooking the city and the small little lanes, the beautifully painted houses with matching wooden shutters. the south of France is just as dreamy as everyone describes it. palm trees, orange trees, the most insane blue waters and a cute café everywhere you look. the best thing might be the sun. germany has been lacking sun and warm weather lately and the sun here is just so good for the soul. it’s not too warm but the sun is out all day and it makes my heart so happy. no wonder why everyone is so relaxed here, its the sun.
what I did
the week right before any holiday always is the busiest. I had a million things to do besides work and luckily I got to leave work on Wednesday despite flying out on Friday. I had to shoot a few blog posts, I filmed two videos, sorted out the flat and packed everything I needed and also managed to see one of my friends for lunch and another one for a casual hang out too. luckily my boyfriend was off work too so he was able to help me with everything and we even had enough time to just be with each other before I left. on Friday I flew out to nice and was greeted by sunshine, ocean views and a wonderful Airbnb. we explored the flower market, did some shopping, sat by the sea and even went to Monaco and theres so much more we want to do.
what I didn’t do:
I felt like every hour off my day was planned out before I left for France so I only managed to squeeze one workout in. back to the gym after my holiday.
what I ate
since landing in France I have consumed my body weight in baguette and cheese. the baguette here really is something else and I can’t stop eating is which means a serious health kick needs to happen once I’m back home.
what I want to do next week
we want to explore Antibes, Cannes and maybe even grasse and obviously enjoy our surroundings in nice. I will fly back home on Friday right before the Easter celebrations begin.
one word to describe the past week

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