Sunday Mood #97

just when you think spring is on its way, it gets freezing again. just how? after the most beautiful sunshine exactly one week ago, it has been snowing again and now it might be sunny, but oh boy, the wind is freezing cold and I couldn’t be further from spring. luckily, I’m flying out to the south of France next week and I can’t wait for some sun and so far it looks like we will have loads of it to just get away from winter. the weeks before leaving for a holiday are just the busiest. I still have so much preparing to do and errands to run and I obviously panic ordered some clothes because due to the unwanted wintery weather, my wardrobe is lacking spring. I can’t wait to take millions of photos and I’m sure my Instagram will be on fire.

what I did
I feel like this week has been flying by and I have no idea where it went and even though it was only boring admin days, they needed to happen. my granddad has been pretty poorly and it actually has been pretty scary but he luckily is feeling better now. I have been visiting him and helped my grandma with the dogs and just kept him company. I’m also currently planning out blog content to make sure my blog isn’t left when I’m away so if you have any requests, leave them in the comments. I also did some work around the apartment because theres always something I can update and I also went to the gym and got such good workouts in. 
what I didn’t do
I actually didn’t manage to get my nails done and I didn’t manage to pick up a new makeup bag because my old one seems to be missing so that’s on my to-do list for next week.
what I ate
yet again, when the weeks get stressful my food choices get boring. just salads and soups but I can’t wait to make some Italian pasta salad later.

what I want to do next week
next week I have to prepare everything for my holiday. I have to pack, get my nails done and also make sure to film as I want to have a video up when I’m away and I have to work before I can finally leave the office on Thursday. I’m just so excited.
one word to describe the past week

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