Sunday Mood #96

happy march my loves. how is it March already? after January feeling like a decade every other month seems to be flying by and it’s probably gonna be Christmas again in the blink of an eye. despite it now being March which should feel like spring is about to start, it has actually been the coldest week we had in a while. waking up to -12 degrees in the morning is not ideal and I have probably never been so cold on my way to work. I just can’t wait for it to be green out again and some blooming trees wouldn’t hurt too but I know I got to wait at least until April for that. the climate just is a bit crazy here. luckily, I will be off to the south of France at the end of the month to catch some sunshine and get ready for the warmer days and I’m beyond ready.

what I did
this week was pretty busy but it was beautiful. I still felt like the cold that has been around for ages, hasn’t left fully but that’s fine. I had time to do blog photos and film and I was feeling just creative this week and after work, I happily spend the most time working on my blog. I also, picked up a few things to update the apartment and I can’t wait to add some new items to the kitchen and I also added so much more plants to at least make it feel like its spring inside my house. on friday, I had one of the best days in ages. one of my best friends and I went for brunch and shopping and also met up with another friend to just spent some time in central berlin. it was beautiful. we ended the night with dinner and a good old chat and I loved every second. also, I hit 800 followers or as I like to say friends on instagram…whaaaat?! I started the year with barely 350 and since I really tried my hardest with the gram, it seems to pay off and I’m so happy.

what I didn’t do
I was so busy all week and only got one workout in which is probably for the best because I didn’t feel 100% but I can’t wait to be back at it next week.

what I ate
okay, so I probably had the best brunch ever. we went to zimt & zucker and if you are in Berlin, you should go there but book in a table because that place is busy and very small but cosy. I had blueberry pancakes and they were unreal. so fluffy and delicious and such a treat. plus, the place is not expensive at all.

what I want to do next week
I don’t really have much planned for next week and I hope I can get as much work done as possible. I need to plan ahead for my time in France and out cat nami will have to go to the vets as shes 9 months now and she needs to have her lady operation because she’s an indoor cat and I don’t want any kittens and since she lives indoors means she has no natural cycle and gets fertile more often so we don’t want her to feel stressed all the time and I hope it will go smoothly.
one word to describe the past week

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