Non-Makeup Essentials for Travelling

I probably love everything about going on holiday, theres just one thing I always dread…packing. I always overpack and since I’m typing this up whilst on holiday I can announce that I have overpacked one again. packing clothes is just what I struggle with. when it comes to makeup and beauty, I’m doing way better. I always manage to pack just what I need and never take unnecessary products. whilst my makeup is usually very simple, I do pack quite a lot when it comes to skin- and body care. being in the sun always means I want to treat my skin extra well.
let’s start with body care. when I know there is a bathtub I will take some lush goodies because theres nothing like an after tan bath. the unicorn horn bubble bar is one of my fave products from Lush. it is the prettiest pink and makes the softest bubbles and I love it. I also love taking sheet mask because they are easy to travel with and are great to use after tanning or after the flight and the Garnier moisture bomb is my fave. I also like taking a nice body wash and the one I love at the moment is the treaclemoon nutmeg coffee cake one as it’s not too sweet. to make sure my legs and general body looks very pale at the moment I decided to take a fake tan because I don’t want to look too pasty. the Bondi sands tanning oil is lovely. it’s not streaky and also works for people who don’t tan loads like me. it just makes my skin look more bronzed and healthier. when I have minis around, I like taking them with me when I travel. because I still have some rituals mini products I thought I would use them up. its the sakura rice scrub and body cream and it smells heavenly. 
I have my set skincare routine and I can’t go a day without it because I love taking care of my skin. the ordinary is my favourite brand as you might know. I keep on talking about it and I might bore you with it but please do your skin a favour and try it so I decided to take my hyaluronic acid, rosehip seed oil, caffeine solution and retinol in squalane. my skin just needs it. for my lips, I decided to take a scrub which always is the bubblegum scrub by lush and obviously my nuxe reve de miel on top.
what are your non-beauty essentials for travelling? please let me know!

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