Donnerstag, 15. März 2018

My Essie Collection

do you have one product that instantly makes you happy? one that you treat yourself to after a pretty hard week or if you achieved something? to me, that's Essie nail polishes. something about the little bottles with the white lids just gets me. they are the perfect little treat and never disappoint me. the colour selection is amazing and no formula works better for me. despite getting my nails done professionally, I still paint them myself and I love doing it. over the years I managed to collect quite a few of them and my collection keeps on growing. so in today's post, after the past weeks seemed to be super busy, I thought I would share my collection with you, in hopes that I finally manage to get my blog schedule back. 

Blanc, ballet slippers, fiji 2x, go ginza, sand tropez, not just a pretty face, stones 'n' roses, buy me a cameo, demure vix, sil vous play hero, virgin snow, cute as a button, lovie dovie, chastity, funny face, watermelon, bachelorette bash, flowerista, fith avenue, lollipop, shall we chalet, party on a platform, fishnet stokings, bold beauty, sole mate, clothing optional, angora cardi, leggy legend, chinchilly, exposed, I don't have the name for it, glow your own way, disco doll, tassle shaker, a cut above, classical cliché, cocktail bling, saltwater happy, mezmerised, another one I don't have the name for, suite retreat, bell-bottom blues, starry starry night, satin sister, in the mood ring, bobbing for baubles, yet another one without a name, licorice, haute tub

whats your favourite Essie nail polish? whats the one beauty item that instantly brightens your day?



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