Lush Easter Collection 2018

can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that easter is incredibly close? how? it maybe is because Easter is in March this year and since I’m an April baby, I’m so used to it being around my birthday. I can’t even count the number of birthdays I celebrated around Easter which always involved no party with friends on my actual birthday because it was Easter break and most of my friends were away with family. for some reason, I love Easter time but not because I’m too crazy about Easter egg hunts but just because it truly feels like spring is here and it will be warm and green soon and its just time to spend with family. obviously, brands are coming out with Easter collections and the only one I was truly interested in is the lush one. so in todays post, I’m showing you what I got from the lush easter 2018 collection.
so last year, I wasn’t too crazy about the lush easter collection and I was a bit disappointed to be fair but this year it looked a lot better. the first thing I spotted in the store was a bubble bar looking like a goldfish. its the Poisson d’avril bubble bar. this little red fish contains cinnamon leaf and spicy black pepper oils and with dark moss absolute as a scent its right up my street. it’s very spicy but also earthy and green. its very lovely and I can’t wait to use it. one product that looked a bit plainer than the others but smells heavenly is the April showers bath bomb. it looks quite plain but its supposed to turn the water into a lovely purple colour and scent wise it as everything I love. cedar wood, cypress oils and tonka beans. it also contains shea butter to make my skin silky soft and I love it. a classic lush easter item I get year after year and every year I hate how messy my bathtub is after is the golden egg. it makes everything god and glittery and is the golden egg. it contains Brazilian orange and honey to make it smell extra lovely. so they got rid of the fluffy egg last year and everyone got a bit upset so they made the cream egg this year. a bubbleroon that comes in different colour versions and I got them all. the blue, the pink and the yellow. now, the scent I’m not too sure about. is supposed to be mint chocolate and I thought of the thundersnow that was around in the Christmas collection. it smelled divine but since the cream egg contains spearmint oil it’s a bit too strong for me as I don’t like peppermint scents at all but I hope it fades a bit and the shea butter and cocoa scent come through a bit more.
so here we have my picks from the lush easter collection 2018. do you have some of the items on your wishlist or have you tried some yourself?

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