An Easter To-Do List

it somehow feels like Christmas was yesterday and then January dragged on forever and all of the sudden its easter. just how? easter has always been a bit of a weird holiday for me because my birthday is usually quite close to easter and when I was a kid, I used to get very poorly around easter so I never have been the biggest fan but for some reason this year I’m so excited for it and I haven’t felt that kind of excitement for years. in honour of me looking forward to easter so much I decided to do a little to-do list to get yourself into the festive spirit.
1. colour some eggs and make pancakes with the leftovers. when I was little we used to blow out eggs on colour them with special dyes. it a huge mess but so fun too. I’m sure there are millions of tutorials on youtube or Pinterest but with the insides of eggs, you can make delicious pancakes.
2. do a festive brunch with friends or family. this is when making pancakes comes in handy. there are a couple of days off during Easter and its the perfect opportunity to get together.
3. DIY a big easter bouquet. get some big branches of willow and display it in a vase and add little Easter decorations to it. its beautiful and will make your place look festive too.
4. make Easter baskets for your loved ones. I started getting little Easter treats a while back and I will make some baskets for my family and boyfriend so everyone gets delicious Easter treats.
5. do an easter egg hunt. now, I haven’t done one in ages and this year we are doing one again and I can’t wait. it is just so much fun and I can’t wait.
what are your plans for Easter? please let me know. 

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