The Perfect Pancakes

so there are a few days in the year I’m looking forward to. christmas, my birthday, the first day of the summer holiday we already booked, the first Saturday off in a while, the first warm spring day and because I’m a lover of any sweet food, its pancake day. now, i take pancake making very seriously and it’s just a very special thing to have for breakfast. it’s not the quick bowl of cereal you have on a Monday morning when you have to be at work in 10 minutes. its the kind of breakfast you make to treat yourself on a Sunday or you make for other people too. maybe your partner, best friend or family and to be fair theres nothing better than having a delicious meal together and pancakes might not be the most sophisticated thing but certainly a very delicious treat. in honour of pancake day, Ijki thought I would share my perfect pancake recipe with you. for a good batch that will feed up to four or two when you like to have a cold pancake with Nutella for a snack you will need:
– four eggs –
– three cups of flower, i use spelt flour –
– about two to two and a half cups of milk or dairy-free milk of choice –
– two teaspoons of baking powder –
– a pinch of salt –
– a little drizzle of maple syrup –
– any kind of topping such as fruit, syrups, Nutella, sprinkles… _
let’s make pancakes
separate the eggs and leave yolks and whites in separate bowls. add all of the other ingredients to the egg yolk bowl. you can use a cup measuring cup or any other cup you have. just use the same for milk and flour to keep the mix even. bigger cups will give you more pancakes. whisk the egg whites with a hand mixer until it gets stiff, mix together all the other ingredients in the separate bowl until it becomes a lump-free, not dough. make sure it’s not too liquid and not too thick. add a bit of flour or milk to make it perfect if needed. put a pan on the stove top on a low to medium heat. don’t put the heat too high as it will burn but not cook through. fold in the egg whites into the dough and be careful to not whip the air out. i would use a wooden spoon or a spatula. the dough will become very airy and fluffy and its just what we want. get a ladle and add one ladle full to the pan. I use a non-stick one. if you don’t have one you might need a bit of oil to make sure they don’t stick. leave the pancake a few minutes until you can see some little bubbles on top or until the side on the pan looks golden. flip them over and let them cook through. if you are not sure if its done, put your fingers on top. if it’s very wiggly and feels very soft, leave it on for a bit. when they are cooked, stack them on a plate until the dough is completely used up. now it time to serve, decorate to taste and enjoy.
here is my perfect pancake recipe. you can use gluten-free flour if you want and obviously use all the decor you want. let me know what you think.

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