Sunday Mood #95

is there anything better than a relaxed Sunday? its so sunny and bright but since some sort of arctic winds and cold hit us, its so freezing cold and I’m snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of green tea and my cat next to me. it’s bliss. I like to keep busy during the week and truly do loads. I like ticking everything off my to-do list and then having a cosy Sunday. staying in PJs all day, eating some comfort food and just relaxing. after a pretty busy week, I couldn’t wait for Sunday to come and here it is what about you? do you love Sundays to relax or are you already stressed out about Monday?

what I did
the week started off very busy. I had so much live-admin to do and it took up so much time which is why I only managed to get one post up this week but you all seemed to love it which makes me so happy. I also had so much work to do and barely had time to be with my boyfriend, let alone my friends but there will be weeks just like the past one. my family and I decided to go to Berlinale as they were premiering the documentary “songwriter” which is all about Ed Sheeran and how he wrote divide. it was filmed by his cousin and Ed Sheeran himself was there too. it was amazing. such a heartwarming documentary and it’s so cool to see how much work goes into writing songs and how an idea comes to life. if you can watch it somewhere, please do. 
what I didn’t do
because I felt quite poorly and was super busy too, I didn’t make it to the gym. I always think it’s better to miss out on a workout when you don’t feel well.
what I ate
whenever I’m super busy, I don’t eat very interesting things at all but for today I have a little treat waiting for me. the brand kinder which does kinder chocolate decided to make their most well-known treats into ice creams… I mean how genius is this idea and I bought a box of kinder chocolate ice lollies and I can’t wait to have one.

what I want to do next week
besides loads of work already waiting for me, I’m getting a haircut on Tuesday which is so needed. my hair is just so long and heavy and boring. it needs a good cut. I exactly know what I want but I’m not gonna tell you right now so get ready for a surprise (spoiler: I won’t cut it all off, I love me good mane)
one word to describe the past week

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