Sunday Mood #93

I feel like winter truly made a comeback and despite it being so beautiful when its sunny and freezing cold, it really is just too cold to stay out for longer. I have been out all day exploring and visiting a beautiful castle and it was breathtaking and like a real-life fairytale. a frozen lake around it, snow and even a beautiful sunset but even though I wore my biggest coat, I now spent an hour just defrosting in my bath and I’m still not really back to normal. I love winter and all seasons to be fair but I dearly miss spring or even a slightly warmer day. not having to wear a coat, no big boots and getting my cute flats and loafers out again. lets all hope for warm and sunny days and blooming trees all over.
what I did
for the first time in a while, I feel like the past week has been flying by. monday was a very relaxing day and we had a good ol’ chill after the super bowl and I prepared loads of content for valentines week. even more, preparing took place on Tuesday and I feel like theres still soooo much to do but I will make it. besides working out I also looked after my friend’s cats and had the most lovely evening at a friends house warming in the sweetest little house and it was just so good.

what I didn’t do
I didn’t really have the best nights of sleep lately. I usually sleep very well but the past week has been a bit all over the place. I couldn’t really fall asleep and had weird dreams so I hope it will figure itself out soon because I need my 8 hours.
what I ate
my food choices have been really boring lately, theres just one thing I can’t stop having and its rye bread with smashed avocado and eggs. it’s the best thing ever.

what I want to do next week
I want to prepare valentines week as good as I can but also enjoy our anniversary. I can’t wait to just spend some time with my boyfriend because we have been so busy lately and I cant wait.
one word to describe the past week

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