Red & Pink Favourites

pink and red might be the two colours that scream valentines day around this time of the year because I’m still in the spirit and its valentines week, after all, I thought I would share my red and pink beauty faves with you. maybe you still have plans for this weekend to go out and you need a little inspo as to which nail polish or lipstick you want to use or you just like using red and pink makeup because to be fair, sometimes theres nothing better than a pink nail polish or red lip to either get you started for a good weekend or just because you want to feel extra special just for yourself. 
so let’s start off with face products. to me theres nothing like a good pink blush. at this time of year, my skin is the fairest and I tend to look a bit dead if I don’t add blush or bronzer and pinks just make me look the most awake. sleek is one of my favourite and very much affordable brand when it comes to blushes. flamingo is a very bright pink and a little goes a long way but if I only slightly dip my brush in it, it creates a very beautiful look. a more natural version would be the maxfator blush in seductive pink. its a lot more natural but just as beautiful and gives a very nice flushed look. in terms of highlighter which I can’t go a day without the Nars liquid illuminizer in Copacabana is my fave. it an looks very natural but also very glowy. the almost pearlescent pink goes perfectly with my skin tone. because I have been wearing a lot of lipstick I have been taking really good care of my lips and the lush lip scrubs help a lot with that. the bubblegum one is not only bright pink but also helps so much with keeping my lips soft. my favourite red lipstick to wear has always to be mac russian red. such a classic red shade and its perfect. a true blue tones matte red and it always works. when i feel very brave I use candy yum yum by mac. it’s probably the one true barbie pink but with the right makeup, it can look so lovely. I also love impassioned by mac. it’s a very lovely pink and it’s a bit more creamy which makes it slightly easier to wear. when it comes to liquid lipsticks I just love the jeffree star ones. redrum is the perfect true red and it literally stays on for ages. for nails, I only picked one red and its fishnet stockings by essie. a very nice blood red and if you ask me a red always works. for a lighter pink chastity is my favourite.it’s more on the barbie side of things but its very lovely. a darker but a bit brighter pink is funny face and I love but I would prefer using it in the summer. if you like adding glitter and don’t mind taking it off I would highly recommend disco doll. it’s beautiful. 
have you tried any of the products I have mentioned? what are your red and pink favourites? let me know.

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