My 5-Year Goals

I think for everyone, theres a certain age that is market in your mental calendar. an age that you want to be something, have accomplished goals and maybe truly feel like an adult also I highly doubt that feeling truly grown up will ever happen to me. its almost like a mental clock ticking up to that age and so many things that need to be done before. I myself set goals very loosely. I don’t like feeling pressured to be something by a certain age because life is different for everyone and life also means that something could happen tomorrow that would shift all your goals. isn’t that a magical but yet scary thing? for me, that special age is 28. probably because my mum had me when she was 28 and in 5 years time I will be 28 years old, turning 29 in April. wow. I really sometimes need to let that sink in. so recently I had to rethink my life I started writing down long and short-term goals and because I’m very confident that this blog will still exist I 5 years time I thought I would share them with you.
1. be done with education
if you have been reading my blog over the past weeks, you might know that I really struggled with law school. mentally I might add which is why I’m currently taking a break to rethink it. I’m not saying I’m dropping out but I truly have to think about where I see myself, for the first time in my life. education and uni are very fluid in Germany and it generally takes a bit longer, especially law school and my goal is to be done for good in 5 years. I probably will be but I know that it will be such a relief not being in education and focus on new things.
2. have a career I love
this really ties in with the first goal because I had no idea how important love for your career is. its sounds silly but I’m pretty good at doing things I don’t enjoy. with my uni struggles I learned that doing something you don’t really love is okay for a while but in the end of the day it will break you and I want to do something that makes hard times doable and good times beautiful. I would lie if I would say turning this into some sort of income wouldn’t be a dream but it’s not the only dream I have. all I want is to be happy with my career so I can work hard and good and get up every morning knowing I made the right choice.

3. be married to my man
for some reason marriage was always very important to me despite my parents getting marries quite late. it might be because I’m lucky enough to have parents who are still so in love with each other. my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years and he’s just the best thing that has ever happened to me. he’s so caring and fun and just more than I have ever imagined. being married to him would be perfect and when I’m 28 I would love to be just that. it would be a life goal come true.

4. thinking about kids or maybe having one on the way
so this is probably why 28 is such a special age for me. because my mum had me at 28 and I think its lovely age to have kids and because i know kids are a huge step, I hope by the age of 28 I can start thinking about adding a little human to our family. i always wanted kids and not just one and that chapter of my life that’s still to come really excites me. how perfect would it be to have a little one on the way? I would love it.
5. live in a bigger flat or even a house
so the housing market here is shocking and I feel like you have to trade in a kidney to even get considered for a mortgage. owning a house is a life goal of mine and it might not happen at 28 but since my parents and I made really smart investments when it comes to flats and the renting market I’m pretty confident that we will be living in a bigger flat. I would love to do one up a bit and just have more space at some point. I love our current flat but I know at some point we will have to upgrade and I hope when I’m 28 we have upgraded to something bigger.
6. have the same strong friendships
theres nothing better than having your tribe. I love my friends to bits and most of them have been with me for years. I can’t imagine not having them with me and being there with me throughout good and bad times all the weddings, babies, first houses and job promotions that are still to come. friendships require care but I’m willing to put that work in and be a good and valuable friend. 
setting goals can be daunting but it’s also a great motivation to work towards. what about you? do you have 5-year goals? let me know.

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