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Dark Red Lipstick Favourites

for some reason, theres no better makeup treat than a new lipstick. when I first got into makeup, I would always keep some of my monthly pay aside to buy a new mac lipstick and I would plan ahead the whole month which colour I wanted to pick up. I would go to a mac pro store in central Berlin and every time I got to add a new shade to my collection, I got so happy. today, about 5 years later, my collection doesn't only involve just mac and is much bigger than I ever imagined but still, buying a new lipstick is a treat and something I tend to think about a lot more and I just love adding a new colour to my collection. so in today's post, I will share my favourite dark reds with you.

now, finding a dark red that works for me is actually not that easy. I like deep wine coloured reds without a strong berry or purple tone because berries don't really suit me and I find them very hard to pull off. my new favourite dark red is one by Charlotte Tilbury. it's out of her matte revolution range. my fave. the colour is a new and its called opium noir. it's a very true deep wine red which goes on very creamy but matte and stays put so well without that dry feeling on the lips. it's beautiful. one classic mac shade which I just love is mac diva. it's just a tad darker than opium noir and I prefer wearing it with a lip liner just make sure it's sharp and neat. it's really matte and a more drying than the Charlotte Tilbury one and on me, it doesn't move at all. when it comes to liquid lipsticks, I just have to mention my favourite dark red of all time. it's Jeffree Star unicorn blood. its the perfect true deep red. its beautiful and to me, theres no liquid lipstick like the Jeffree Star ones. they last ages and are so light on the lips.I love them designer blood my Jeffree Star is essentially the same shade as unicorn blood but it had shimmer pigments added to it which makes it more interesting and lively. 

so here we have my favourite dark reds. have you tried any of the shades? what are your dark red lipstick faves?



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