Sunday Mood #91

whats one sin of getting older? despite still feeling like 21, I went out two nights in a row this weekend and I’m feeling rough my loves. when I was under 20 (lol) I felt fresh as a daisy despite going out nights in a row and even on school days and now I truly need this Sunday or any day to recover. it was lovely and I laughed, danced and had great conversations with my wine and gin tipsy friends but boy, am I happy to be cuddled up on the sofa with my cats and boyfriend. Sunday’s have always been my retreat days and a good vegan lentil curry and a hot bath sound just heavenly for me. curry and cuddles over drinks and dances any day. oh, how times have changed but change isn’t always a bad thing.
what I did
so this week it was finally the week I started planning out last October. my boyfriend and I flew out to London for a city break and it was just so lovely and much needed. I feel so at home in London and would move out there in a heartbeat. after a 4 am wakeup call, we flew out very early and had the whole day ahead of us. we wandered through Hyde Park, shopped oxford street and grabbed dinner at gbk and just explored. after being up for hours, I literally fell asleep at 8 pm and so did my boyfriend. because of that very early night, we woke up around 6 am to a clear sky and headed out in the dark immediately to grab croissants and coffee on the go and went to see the sunset on primrose hill. it was breathtaking. we explored the area around and just enjoyed the morning. we rode the bus just for fun to see the city without walking and did even more shopping and also had to buy another suitcase to transport everything home. after a lunch picnic in Hyde Park and walking around Nottinghill we made it back to the airport and home. I had to work early the next morning and then went out said two nights in a row so what a week it was.

what I didn’t do
obviously being in London could have meant loads of shooting with my boyfriend but we didn’t do it. I just wanted to be on the moment and enjoy the time away with my boyfriend and when I’m back in London in may (hopefully) I can do just that.
what I ate
basically, my body weight in Malteser easter bunnies because they are too good to be true and I can’t get them where I live.

what I want to do next week
so next week will be live admin and blog admin week. I have a few very important appointments and I have to sort myself out and sort my content out and also make plans for future content I actually can’t wait.
one word to describe the past week

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