Sunday Mood #90

happy Sunday my loves, I hope you had a good night of sleep, woke up hangover free, had a good breakfast and I also hope you have some time to relax and just be. what Sundays are made for. after a rather work-heavy week, I couldn’t wait to not have an alarm set. just letting myself sleep and cuddle my cats and boyfriend was just what I needed. is the simple things in life and Sunday will always be my ultimate chill day and I really cherish it. I usually don’t get to just do just nothing and I rarely have chill days. mainly because I like keeping myself busy but I can only be busy when I know there will be a day which doesn’t have to be and most likely won’t be busy. its okay to just be still.
what I did
because it was such a work-heavy week, I really had to squeeze in all blogging work I wanted to on Monday and Tuesday. my parents came back from London on Monday and I offered to pick them up from the airport as they landed pretty late and it’s just nicer to not wait for a taxi after travelling home. before picking up my parents I went to see my sister, cook some lunch for her and she also wanted to come to the airport with me. after getting all my blog work done on Tuesday which was basically the only thing I was doing,  had so much to do at work. my boss took a week off so I took on a lot more responsibilities which is lovely but also so much work. luckily, I was able to leave a bit earlier on Saturday.
what I didn’t do
I only managed to get one workout in because of my workload but that was a good one at least. I also didn’t film but I will do that next week. despite the whole youtube drama going on, I want to keep on doing it. I just love filming and I truly want to focus more on the things I love.
what I ate
food wise, it was probably the most uninteresting week I had in a long time. whenever I’m super busy I tend to eat the same foods and it really was nothing too exciting. the only thing that really excites me is the cupcake my boyfriend got me from the bakery this morning. will have it later with a cuppa.

what I want to do next week
next week will be exciting and I have been looking forward to this for months. my boyfriend and I will go on a little city break to London. we are flying out on Wednesday and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get out of Berlin for a bit and explore my favourite city in the world. it will be so good and I will take my camera and hopefully get some good images and I also want to do a spot of shopping. it will be amazing and I’m already buzzing.

one word to describe the past week

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