Sunday Mood #89

phew, what a week this was. it was a hard one, a long one and one that I might look back to as a turning point. one of many you are very likely to have in life. I like my order, to have everything planned out and to be sure and happy with what I do and lately, i just haven’t been that. I felt so out of order and out of life and it’s not exactly the best feeling. when periods of life get hard its so easy to see it out of perspective and feel very overwhelmed easily and like I’m a failure when it comes to life. it’s those times I need to remind myself of the fact that life is not picture perfect all the time and it comes with turns, it comes with times that make you rethink about the way you want to live a happy and content life.
what I did
when it comes to actually doing something, there wasn’t much. it was work and uni, the usual but at the beginning of the week, I hit rock bottom when it comes to my career path and uni. to be fair uni hasn’t been the smoothest journey for me. in fact, it has been the most stressful time of my life and it made me upset many of times. maybe its a law school thing but I’m at a point where I don’t know if I can take it and make it. a realization that really pained me and I cried a lot, talked a lot and thought a lot. I don’t have a solution yet but I will get there, hopefully.
what I didn’t do
because I have been having such a rough time and there were so many things on my mind, I didn’t do much life wise. I went to the gym twice and did a little bit of blog work but not as much as I planned on doing but that’s fine. I needed that time to be with myself.
what I ate
healthy comfort food was what I was craving this week. mainly soup and fresh salads and I started eating avocados again. they used to give me such an upset tummy but it kinda works for me now and crushed avo on dark rye bread with an egg on top is just the best thing ever.
what I want to do next week
I want to rethink and figure my situation out. as I will be pretty busy work-wise, I want to make Tuesday a little me time day. I might take myself out for breakfast and have a little look around the shops.
one word to describe the past week

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