New Year Mood

happy new year my loves, I hope you had a great night celebrating outside with friends, chilling on the sofa or doing whatever made you feel comfortable. I can’t quite believe 2018 is here. the year flew by so quickly and it was a good one. I will do a detailed post about 2017 this week so we can look back together but since I haven’t blogged for a while to truly enjoy Christmas and because I was all over the place during the holidays I thought I would do a special edition of my Sunday Mood series on a Monday to start the year and a new year for my blog. as you can probably tell, I have a new layout and I love it. as much as I loved my old design, so many people had it and it really bothered me. so I went for a different one to really kick off a new year of blogging. in this Sunday mood special, I would love to talk you through some of the goals and ideas I have blogging wise and I can’t wait.

what I want to do in 2018
I truly want to dive into blogging and doing my absolute best. I want to do more fashion posts and share my lifestyle with you. as photography is a huge part of blogging for me, I want to improve it as much as I can. improving my overall photography skills and really challenging myself when it comes to blog photography is a big priority for me as well as improving my writing skills. I want to make an effort to go out to shoot outfits once a week and I hope my boyfriend is on board with that and if not, I will have to look for a photographer. I also want to nail Instagram. It has been my favourite app for years and despite the bad algorithm I want to make it work for me and I’m so excited.
2018 schedule
my blog schedule won’t change much because I’m really happy with posting three times a week and its something I feel very comfortable with. so new posts will go up on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I will also have a new youtube video up every Sunday.

Personal Goals
I usually don’t have a set list of personal goals but in 2018 I truly want to explore my hometown and enjoy the moment. I have a list of Restaurants on my Phone I want to work through and I want to spend more time outside and explore. 
So here we are my loves, a new year and new goals for my blog. do you have any? let me know.

Hello Lovely!

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