Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

Huge Ciaté & Essie Giveaway

*not all giveaway items are shown in the pictures*

christmas is over now and I have all my decor put away for another year. I also cleared up all my advent calendar goodies and this year I was lucky enough to have two beauty ones. one from Essie and one from ciaté. I was really thankful and now I have a million more nail polishes and to be fair, I can't use them all. just like last year, I'm doing a giveaway to give back to you and just not have products sitting around I won't use. I picked out a few I want to keep and the rest will be going out to you guys. so I like using a rafflecopter template because that's the easiest. the giveaway ends on the 26th of January and is open worldwide. good luck.

included are full and mini size Essie nail polishes and nail care as well as nailcare products such as files and buffers. there also will be mini ciaté nail polishes and nail care products.



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