2017 Roundup

12 Months, 365 Days, Countless Hours and even more Seconds. A whole year is over. how can time pass so quickly? on one hand, it feels like a few weeks have passed since it sat down and typed up my 2016 roundup which wasn’t the easiest as 2016 really wasn’t my year. On the other hand, it feels like so long ago because so much happened. 207 was a great year for me filled with so many memories and so much fun and laughter and I can truly say, I had a blast and achieved so much on so many levels. I grew as a person, changed my life around, was successful and most importantly, I was happy and I still am. so let’s look back at 2017 together.

the year started out super busy as it was time for me to complete my studies in international public law and European law. it meant that I had classed back to back and also had to write a massive dissertation and had to present it later on in the year. luckily, I had such lovely girls by my side which I have met through this very stressful part of my education. my boyfriend and I celebrated our three year anniversary. he got me a big bunch of flowers and we did our routine of getting pizza and watching the Great Gatsby. besides working so hard on uni, I truly enjoyed spring. it was so colourful this year and I got to truly enjoy the blooming trees as my parents went to Barcelona and I agreed to sit the dogs and house. my parents live in a very green and suburban part ofBerlinn and it was so needed to enjoy my spare time walking the dogs through the blooming trees and I even had study sessions under blooming apple trees. bliss.

in April I celebrated my birthday. even though I would love to stay I’m 21 still, I turned 23. as my birthday was around Easter, as it was so many times throughout my life, I just had my family over on my actual birthday and a week later I had my friends over for coffee, cakes and chats. it was the most relaxing day and we even went out for drinks after. it was the best day ever and I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends around me and an amazing boyfriend who really made my birthday special and to be honest, he makes every day special.

right after submitting my dissertation, my family and I headed up to Denmark. we go at least once a year to the same place and have been for years. it was a much-needed break and it also marked a very special time in the last year and one of the best decision I have made. for the past years, I have been pretty unhappy with myself and my weight as really gained some pounds. I made the decision to completely flip my diet and workout routine upside down. I had the help of a meal and workout plan and even though it was hard in the beginning, I adjusted to it very quickly and it truly changed my life. not only did I go almost three clothing sized down, I also feel so much more confident and happy. my trip to Denmark marked that very special point in 2017.

when summer came, life got so busy. squeezing a huge and page heavy dissertation into a 15-minute presentation with an additional discussion at the end was so hard and I was so nervous before. luckily, I was surrounded by my lovely girls and we all made it which I was beyond happy about. for the past years, my family and I have made so much more time to explore our surroundings and to family trips out and in 2017 we discovered hidden gems along the road which was mainly because we were just cruising around. two highlights had to be a meadow filled with wildflowers. it was a pop of blues and reds and you could see it from miles away and we just had to stop. same with the sunflower field. we stopped despite the pouring rain and it was amazing. family trips are so special to me and I want to do them every year.

you might know that London is one of my favourite places to be, I feel so at home there and it’s my happy place. I have been going at least once a year for the past years. in 2017 I treated my sister to a trip to London and it was bliss. it was sunny and warm and we had the best time just shopping, eating, taking pictures and enjoying our time as sisters. it was magical and something I would so do again. she had so much fun and surprising her with a trip was the best idea. I’m so lucky to have her and such a lovely relationship with her and i love her so much.

after finishing my term with great success it was time for our annual family holiday. we settled for Noordwijk in the Netherlands and it was bliss. we were right by the beach and since I shifted quite a bit of weight by that point, for the first time in my life, I was comfortable with wearing a bathing suit at the beach and just enjoy myself. it was such a great and uplifting experience to truly enjoy summer and sunbathing. I used to wrap myself up in kimonos and coverups but I was loving my bathing suit life and being at the beach happy with myself and how my body looks. I’m so proud of gaining that confidence in myself.

not only was I so confident within myself, I truly had the best time. we had sunny days at the beach ended by having delicious meals and drinks at the local beach clubs which are incredible. branding beach club and Tulum Tulum were our absolute favourites. we also explored Amsterdam, the Hague, Leiden and many other places and I have to say, the Hague was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. we basically rode our bikes everywhere and we were surrounded by blooming fields of flowers. we also stopped off to visit a part of our family on our way back and it was so lovely. a perfect summer vacation.

a few years ago, my boyfriend and I adopted our beautiful British shorthair cat Fynn. we love him dearly and want to make him feel as comfortable as we can. despite him being so happy and cheerful we figured that he might be a bit lonely as my boyfriend works full time and I’m working and doing my preparations towards finishing law school. my boyfriends mum rescued a cat and her four kittens in the summer as when it was time to find a home for them it was a no-brainer to get one of them. because two ginger cats are better than one we adopted an adorable little girl and named her nami. she is the sweetest little thing and we are obsessed with her and Fynn seems so much happier having someone around too. having two cats also means we don’t feel as guilty anymore leaving him at home when we are out.

because the first half of 2017 was so busy, I took it easy as soon as autumn started. my boyfriend and I started doing loads of work on the flat to just make it perfect for us and despite living here together for almost three years, I feel like I have never felt so at home here. it’s truly our place now and we are so at peace here and with our relationship. having this great man by my side is one of the biggest blessings of my life. I also started working in a new job and it’s amazing. I love the company and my coworkers. my boss gave me a raise and higher position after two weeks so I think I’m doing a good job.
after such a busy and beautiful year, we really enjoyed Christmas together and had enough time to be with family and relax too. 2017 seems so short to me like it didn’t really happen but it was beautiful. one of the best years I have had. full of achievement and love and I hope 2018 carries on just like that.


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