Sunday Mood #87 + Vlogmas

can you believe that Christmas is next week… it’s just going by too quickly. I’m german so we have our main gift giving on the 24th and that is in exactly one week. some might be still panic buying presents, braving the busy shops and crowded malls (my boyfriend right now), some will be busy preparing to host a dinner for the family. I’m doing neither of those so I’m currently sitting under our Christmas tree which ended up being a tad bigger than usual, about to but all the baubles on. my shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and we are not hosting any kind of dinner. besides feeling all cosy and calm, enjoying the snow that we have been getting and snuggling up in my Christmas PJs I still feel like its all going by too quickly. where has December gone? can we still squeeze in a bit of Christmas market magic? can I bake Christmas biscuits once more or do I have to wait another year?
what I did
my boyfriend came home full of cold last Friday and kindly passed it on to me. I was basically just on my sofa napping, eating ice cream and feeling miserable and using up a whole box of tissues. I wasn’t feeling it at all but at least I managed to catch up on all vlogmas videos. because I was so poorly, my week essentially started late. on Friday I had such a lovely gift giving and dinner with her. we had time to properly catch up and even do some shopping and it was bliss. my boyfriend and I also finally got our Christmas tree and it’s huge but beautiful. it now finally feels like Christmas.
what I didn’t do:
since I was poorly I didn’t look at the new gym but I was able to find out that my old gym not only randomly closed they also ended my contract…well at least I can now look for a new gym comfortably.
what I ate
I pretty much lived off chicken noodle soup and ice cream so having an actual meal at vapiano was such a treat. creamy mushroom pasta is the one.

what I want to do next week
I want to make sure I’ll enjoy the days before Christmas to the most and help my grandma prepare our Christmas dinner. other than that I have nothing planned and I will enjoy just that. I also want to prepare blog content for Christmas so my blog isn’t all bare and theres always something to watch for you.
one word to describe the past week

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