Sunday Mood #86 + Vlogmas so far

how wonderful and festive is all the snow i’m seeing on my twitter feed? it makes me feel extra excited for Christmas. after waking up to snow yesterday, I’m waiting for it to start snowing again this afternoon. it can’t get any better. once again, I feel like the week flew by before my eyes and I actually have no idea where my time went or what I really did and I also feel like a need a two Decembers to fill them out with all the festive feels I have and with all the fun things I want to do.maybe I should start in November next year and truly milk the festive season but I have no idea if my boyfriend would be on board with that.
what I did
as I feel like this week was gone within a second I have no idea what I did for it to disappear so quickly. this week, I tackled the majority of my Christmas shopping after a Monday full of preparing blog posts and working. I was out for hours shopping away and got 99% of my Christmas shopping done and dusted and I also popped into Primark for the first time in ages. they have such lovely pieces in there and I was able to update my winter wardrobe even more. I obviously vlogged it all for you to enjoy. besides working away I also planned my blog content even more so I can keep my blog updated whilst vlogging daily. I also had a lovely Friday celebrating my friends new flat and a Saturday filled with baking.

what I didn’t do
the gym which has a reason. when I turned up at my gym a few days ago it was gone…as weird as that sounds but they moved locations without letting me know. I ended my contract with them immediately and I’m now looking for a new gym.

what I ate
I made the most amazing Christmas biscuits and decorated them with colourful sprinkles. my absolute fave and I have to stop myself from eating them all at once.

what I want to do next week
I want to take it easy and be festive. I would just love to finally get out and snap some outfit posts but we will see about that. I also have a gift exchange with one of my best friends and I can’t wait.

one word to describe the past week

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