Sunday Mood #85

happy Sunday my loves, its the first one in December and which means there are only three more to go before Christmas. I can already tell this December will fly by and I would just love to last a tad longer. it’s just crazy to me how quickly this year flew by and whenever a year is about to end I want to make sure I can start a new one on a high note. december is the months to look back, set goals and get a fresh perspective on what counts for you. its also the month of celebration, family and love and want to seize it as much as I can. whilst I’m typing this up I have my huge festive candle burning, the roofs are frosty and I’m planning the afternoon at the Christmas market and I can’t wait to fully enjoy the festive spirit.

what I did
oh, what a festive week it was. I was working at the beginning of the week and was lucky enough to have a three day weekend. I got to pick out Christmas decor with my family and we made our traditional Christmas cookies. my three day weekend was spent with my best friend and a catch-up. I also finished the festive decor in our flat and we finished painting the hallway. it ended quite badly with my boyfriend smashing his head on our dresser and we had to rush to the hospital to get it looked at but luckily it’s all good. it was also the start of vlogmas and i can’t wait to share my december with you.
what I didn’t do
I haven’t done as much uni work as I was supposed to do but that’s fine. I can make up for it soon and I really want to make sure I can enjoy December.
what I ate
theres truly no better taste than our traditional Christmas cookies. its the taste of Christmas and they are so good. I might have had one more than I should have.
what I want to do next week
next week I really want to finish my Christmas shopping and I also want to go to Primark as I haven’t been in ages. I also have work to do and I hope I can squeeze in some outfit shooting. it has been ages and I want to add some new content to my blog.

one word to describe the past week

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