More Lush Christmas

can I ever stay away from lush? the answer is probably very obvious. whenever I see one I have to go in and I most likely leave with something to make my baths extra cosy and around this year extra festive. I just like to have my lush basket in the bathroom extra well stocked when its cold as I feel like more baths are happening. when I did my Christmas shopping last week I popped into lush and picked myself up three more items out of the Christmas collection and I certainly can’t wait to use them. theres just something about lush at Christmas that keeps me wanting more and more.
baths filled with glittery bubbles
let’s start with a new bath bomb that I haven’t tried before. it’s the thundersnow. it’s a big blue and white bath bomb and I can only imagine how beautiful my bath water will look. the thing that really made me want it is the scent. its described as a peppermint and chocolate scent but it’s not really peppermint to me. it’s more chocolate and vanilla and just creamy. the kind of scent I love from lush and which is why I still miss stardust dearly. one product I always get around Christmas and usually use the night before Christmas eve is snow angel bath melt. it just makes my skin so silky soft and adds such a lovely shimmer to the bath water. it smells like cacoa butter and marzipan. it’s so comforting and not heavy at all. it would also make a perfect gift. one bath bomb I always wanted t get and never got is star light star bright. its covered in silver glitter and makes everything glittery that it touches its supposed to add purples and blues into the bath water and it can’t wait to use it for myself. it also smells like lavender which is one of the most comforting and lovely scents ever and it always relaxes me so much. so I might save this one to use after a very busy day.
which products have you picked up from lush yet? do you have any favourites? please let me know.

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