Sunday Mood #83

happy Sunday everyone and I hope it’s a cosy one for you. we are yet another week closer to December which gets me so excited and it has yet another week that flew just by and I feel like it was Monday just yesterday. it surely was one of the busiest weeks I had in a while but I feel so accomplished after a full week and it just gives me the right to truly relax on the weekend and just enjoy myself without a mile long to do list to get through. the next couple of weeks will probably be no different as the run up to Christmas always feel so packed. I still have to get presents and no decorations are up just yet. as much as my boyfriend lets me do whatever I want when it comes to the flat he asked me to not get all the decor out as soon as Halloween is over.

 what I did
my week started off with starting my new job and it was lovely but also hard work and I was shattered after but also very happy to be working at the place I’m working now. From work, i went straight to classes and uni work and I was surprised by how much I got done and by how productive I was. my family and I also did some shopping and enjoyed ourselves at a midnight shop at the local designer outlet. my weekend started with drinks out and a good catch up with friends and a weekend full of relaxation and blogging work. I also finally have my 50 mm lens back. I smashed it a while back and was so sad as it’s my perfect lens and I found a brand new one sold secondhand for only 50€ and it’s now mine. we also had painters round to fix our living room walls and now we can finally do some more renovations to the flat.
what I didn’t do
because I just had such a packed week full, I only got one workout in and it’s better than no workout but I still feel I could have done more. next week is another week though.
what I ate
this might sound so lame but I love my soups and when I went out with my friend on Friday I had the most delicious pumpkin soup and I’m still thinking about it.
what I want to do next week
next week is gonna be just as busy because I have class and work and want to prepare all my posts and possibly my Sunday video in the beginning of the week so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. my friend and I will also have brunch but not at any ol’ brunch place, we will have it at mine so I can do my pancakes and we can catch up. I might pop into IKEA to get some items for the hallway and I would love to paint the hallway at some point too.

one word to describe the past week

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