Sunday Mood #82

usually, I’m not happy about time passing too quickly but right now I just can’t wait for December to roll around. Christmas has to be my favourite and always was. I can’t wait to do all my festive content and in fact, it will start very soon. too early for some but just perfect for me, especially since I feel like everyone is so early this year and I have major fomo at the moment. I can’t start decorating just yet as I feel like my boyfriend is not with me on the super early decorating and sometimes I just have to hold back my excitement. what about you? are you super excited about Christmas or are you not in the mood just yet?
what I did
well, for some reason the past week has been a very weird one. despite having a very productive start to the week and I got my blog into gear and did some studying I started feeling very poorly on Wednesday and I honestly don’t feel too good still. I feel like I caught some sort of virus as I feel so weak but I don’t really have a runny nose or a sore throat. on Thursday I wanted to go to the Sephora opening but it was so busy and I couldn’t deal with it and when I came home I felt even worse and slept on the sofa after sitting on my bathroom floor because I felt so nauseous and sick. So I took it easy the rest of the week in hope to feel better asap. 

what I didn’t do
because I felt so poorly I didn’t get my 3rd workout in but since I did two in the beginning of the week so that’s fine. I also feel like I could have got some much done when it comes to studying and blog stuff but that has to wait for next week.
what I ate
this weird virus or sickness I came down with really affected my tummy as it gets upset so easily. so loads of tea and chicken soup was on the menu but as my tummy is getting better again I’m looking forward to having a pizza today, it will be a low carb one but still.

what I want to do next week
I need to schedule all my posts on Monday because I start my new job on Tuesday and I want to make sure the blog and channel are rolling. one of my best friends and I are also planning to do a little girly shopping day and I hope I can start the hallway renovations too.
one word to describe the past week

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