Sunday Mood #81 + The End of Vlogtober

oh hello November, I hope you’ll be beautiful. now that its November, I really have to hold back on getting all the Christmas decor up from our basement and buying a Christmas tree. I’m ready but I want to hold back until mid-November because first off all, autumn I still a favourite and because my boyfriend will not be a fan of decor right now. he loves it but I think its a bit too early. to get my Christmas fix I’m already planning my content so I can keep up with vlogmas which I will be doing this year too and my blog will also be filled with festive posts. I just really like to milk my favourite holiday and festive blog photography has to be my favourite. so before we jump straight into the Christmas content, let’s live the moment and breathe the last bit of autumn air.
what I did
not only was it Halloween, it was also my granddads birthday so we celebrated that as a family whilst supplying trick or treaters with chocolates and sweets. my grandparent’s neighbour does not only live in one of the biggest houses I have ever seen, he also seriously decorated it out to the max with different spooky stations, sound effects and Halloween candy. it was so incredible. after Halloween vlogtober ended and I jumped straight back to classes and work. at the end of this week, I finally treated myself to a new phone since my current iPhone is on its last legs and I’m currently anxiously waiting for the postman to arrive. I also decided to upload a video every Sunday until vlogmas because I don’t want to have my channel empty after vlogtober.
 what I didn’t do
I still can’t find a way to go to the gym more than once and it’s annoying so I might start with home workouts again as I feel like they fit better within my daily and weekly routine.
what I ate
once again, the festive Starbucks cups are out everywhere but not in Germany and I’m a bit upset. I wanted to get one. also, I’m obsessed with pineapple. it’s so fresh and so good. can’t get enough of it.

what I want to do next week
okay, so next week Sephora is finally about to open…I can’t believe it myself and I will go. there are just two products I want but I will get them and I’m so happy to finally have it here. other than that I don’t have much planned. I want to get in a set studying routine and finalize all my upcoming content.
one word to describe the past week


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