Seasonal Nailpolish Shake-Up

if you know me, you will know that I love my Essie nail polishes and my nails. whenever I feel a bit sad or I had a really bad day, I go and treat myself to one so over the years I have built up a really big collection and it’s basically overflowing but I can’t stop. especially since I have been getting my nails done for over 2 years now. I always get clear acrylics that I can paint myself and it’s just so good. if you have acrylics you will know that nail polish doesn’t chip on them, it drys so quickly and just looks so neat. so whenever we are getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year, I get even more excited about my manicures because its the time to get the glitters out and I feel like a nice manicure is a must for the upcoming season.

reds & glitters
obviously, you have to go for the dark reds during the festive season but before I talk about them there are a few other options too. a classic nude nail always works for me and can look so classy and works with every outfit you might want to wear. my favourite Essie nude has to be demure vix. it’s the most perfect mauve and doesn’t look weird on me as I’m very fair. if you want to go slightly darker but not for a red, angora cardi is the perfect in-between shade. I would describe it as very dark terracotta mauve and it looks just lovely, not only for the holidays. if you want to go for more of a statement that isn’t a red one of my all-time favourites basically is a metallic and almost foil looking silver. sadly, the label peeled off and I have no idea what its called but its amazing. another fave is one of everyone’s favourite Essie polishes for the colder months but there just is no Christmas or winter without starry starry night. now onto the reds, probably the stars of the show. a cold classic has to be sole mate. its the best dark slightly berry red and I just have to put it on as soon as the temperatures drop just a little bit. another fave has to be bold beauty which I have been featuring quite a bit over here but its just perfect. just the right deep red for every festive occasion. to make everything more exciting I like to go for accent nails with glitters or golds. my favourite glitters have to be a cut above. it basically rose gold bits of glitter and as a little touch of something on one nail or just on the tips, it makes for a perfect festive manicure. same with tassel shaker which is little strings of gold and rose gold and it’s equally as pretty. more opaque shimmers are getting groovy which I just love as it goes one so well and just is the perfect gold. a more bronzey option is leggy legend. it’s just beautiful.
so here we are. my favourite nail polishes for a seasonal shake-up. are you looking forward to festive manicures? which colours are your favourites?

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