Keeping up a Healthy Lifestyle during Christmas

if you have been watching my vlogtober or reading this blog for a bit you will know that I completely changed my eating habits and workout routine to lose weight I put on over a while. it has not only made me feel loads more confident and happy with myself, it has been one of the best decisions I have made all year and is one of the things that has made this year so special for me. now that December is close and shops start carrying all the Christmas chocolate and snacks and I have been getting a few invitations to Christmas parties which always mean loads of good food and also a bit of booze, I had to think about how to keep up my healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying Christmas too.
1. Keep the Routine up
despite there being the chance of more treat food, there’s no real reason to not keep your eating habits and workout routine up. I workout 3 times a week and eat a low carb diet 6 out 7 days because I like having my treat day and actually and especially workout wise it doesn’t really matter what month it is so just go ahead. to me, it’s actually easier to keep my routine up and going as it makes me feel best and it turned into my comfort zone.
2. Don’t beat yourself up
as much as I love my healthy lifestyle, there’s no pressure on me and I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to what I’m eating. I feel like as soon as you feel good about your routine but also love all the chocolate (me) the pressure hits you and you want to be your best and I easily feel so bad when I decide to have a piece of chocolate that has been offered to me and that probably happens loads more around Christmas. it can be your coworker bringing in baked goods or your best friend wanting to share some lindor with you. so don’t bet yourself up and enjoy it and be easy with yourself.

3. Treating yourself to new workout clothes
is there anything more motivating than a new set of workout clothes? a while back zaful contacted me and asked if I wanted to pick something from their website and I went straight for the workout wear. I never ordered from zaful and only heard from it because of those very popular “I spend x amount of money on that website” videos. after a little delivery delay which they were so good and accommodating about, a new pair of workout leggings and a new top arrived and I’m so surprised by how good they are. they are so affordable and so lovely to wear. they also wash very well and getting that workout in is so much easier when you have a cute outfit to wear.

4. Celebrate your treat days
I’m a big fan of treat days because let’s face it, sometimes you want to eat that chocolate santa or indulge in some good ol’ Christmas food and you should. I do celebrate my treat days as it is but when its Christmas you can do that even more. there will be Christmas parties, Christmas dinners and all that good stuff and you can and should celebrate them and after a few days of eating healthy and well, you can really look forward to your treat food.

i’m so excited for everything festive that is about to happen and certainly to treat myself but also having a healthy christmas that won’t make me feel awful after. are you with me? do you have any tips too? lets share them.
Outfit: Jumper: H&M // Leggings: Zaful*

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